When it comes to dressing for a job, a suit has been the standard until the past half-century. Or simply says, if you worked in some form of office, you were required to wear a suit and tie. And idea of business casual style is a fusion of comfortable attire and formal-wear. If you try to dress with this style, prioritize fit. Remember that clothes that are too tight can be equally horrendous.

Be flexible. It is not only about wearing blazer, you can just go on with simple dress and dress pant combination. All you need to do is to gauge what business casual means in your work space, and comply it to the underlying style norms. Check out these 27 gorgeous business casual outfit for men below.

Tie and other neckwear can be a great complement to your business casual outfit. So just pair it with something that suits your look. But never wear a tie without blazer.
If you want to wear jeans, opt for a dark one. Also don’t forget to tuck your shirt neatly into your pants and don’t be afraid to have an experiment with shoes.