Coloring your hair takes time and money and plus the salon can be expensive, so you also need to know some hair color tricks and tips for achieving salon-worthy results. First of all, don’t trust the model on the box. For permanent dye, choose a color a smudge darker than what you want because of the strong developer. It’s saver to choose a color that’s a bit lighter from the get-go.

Consider your hair texture. Coarse, curly, frizzy, or unruly hair sucks up color faster and will become cooler-toned when you dye it, so it will look ashier, or slightly bluish, fine to medium hair textures don’t absorb color as easily and will become a slightly warmer tone when you add dye, meaning it will have orange, red, or copper undertones. And if your hair is frizzy or curly, pick a color that’s warm (golden, copper, bronze), but a little lighter than your natural hair color. If your hair is fine and straight, choose cooler shades (champagne, beige) that are slightly darker than your natural color.

Touch up your roots-and only your roots. The end of your hair are more porous, so they suck up color very quickly. To avoid patchiness, create a middle part that runs to the back of your head and split the hair into four sections—two in front of the ears and two in back.